Our Goals

To preserve and protect the Northfield Ridge, including its wildlife, headwaters, and natural habitat for the enjoyment of current and future generations of residents and visitors to the Northfield and Waitsfield valleys by:
  • Providing timely information on current developments related to the Northfield Ridge
  • Publishing authoritative information on industrial wind energy
  • Galvanizing informed opposition to threats to the Northfield Ridge

About Us

The Friends of the Northfield Ridge (FNR) was formed by concerned townspeople in Waitsfield, Moretown, Roxbury, and Northfield in response to a proposed wind turbine plant on the Northfield Ridge.

FNR is a 100% voluntary, non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and protecting the Northfield Ridge and its environs from development that is inconsistent with the Town Plan of Waitsfield - which prohibits development on its ridgelines above 1700 feet.  FNR is opposed to the establishment of an industrial wind turbine plant on the Northfield Ridge.  Alternatively, FNR supports the exploration of other more appropriate green energy initiatives for the Northfield and Waitsfield valleys. 

Recently, FNR learned that an out of state based multi-national energy company called Citizens Wind is exploring the Northfield Ridge as a potential wind turbine plant project site.  

In deference to the concerns of many FNR supporters regarding controversies that often pit neighbor against neighbor, the list of FNR supporters remains strictly confidential.

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