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Impacts of Industrial Wind on Wildlife & Ridgeline Habitat


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about industrial wind: 

The Northfield Ridge Forest Reserve District is the largest remaining, unbroken tract of forest in Waitsfield. It encompasses 4,800 acres and includes prominent landmarks such as Scrag Mountain, Mount Alice, Bald Mountain and Mount Waitsfield.

This forested ridge is home to bear, moose, deer, fisher cats, coyotes, turkey, grouse and pristine watersheds that feed the Mad River and Dog River.

The Northfield Ridge and its deep woods ecosystem would be irreparably destroyed by blasting and building 33 foot wide permanent gravel roads to install and service 15-24 turbines for an industrial wind facility on the ridge.
Each wind turbine tower proposed for the Northfield Ridge is about 450 feet tall--one and a half  times the height of The Statue of Liberty.

The nearly 300-foot diameter of the blades far exceeds the wingspan of a Boeing 747.

"Constructing an industrial wind turbine power generation facility on the Northfield Ridge would destroy one of our most important natural resources, and forever change the defining ridge lines that form the Mad River Valley's scenic border." FNR, August 2010. 

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