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Photo Essay from Peacekeepers (posted 3/9/2014)

Impacts of Industrial Wind on Wildlife & Ridgeline Habitat


The best defense against unwarranted and inappropriately sited industrial wind plants is an informed citizenry.
FNR suggests you begin your quest to become fully informed with the recommended reading and websites noted below.  Please check back for further reading - we are currently carefully reviewing additional research.

FNR welcomes requests from FNR members seeking assistance on finding helpful information on industrial wind related topics. [Contact Us]

Energize Vermont   "Powering Community Driven Energy"
An excellent source of  Vermont-specific information.
Advocating for renewable energy solutions that contribute to the people's well-being,  in harmony with the irreplaceable character of Vermont.

Vermonters for a Clean Environment   "Holds corporations accountable"
An excellent source of  Vermont-specific information.
Bringing environmental justice and corporate accountability to Vermont communities since 1999.

National Wind Watch   "Presenting the facts about industrial wind power"
This site regularly updates with news articles from around the world that demonstrate the effects of industrial scale wind developments.  There are several video clips and interviews with people who are living with 400 foot plus turbines.

Wind Concerns Ontario    "Bringing Sanity to Wind Development in Ontario"
This Blog site is very well organized with easily accessed reference tabs for topics ranging from 'Devaluation' to 'Leases' to 'Health'.  It also contains current news articles and video.

Industrial Wind Action Group   "Make informed decisions"
This site provides a great deal of quality and authoritative information ranging from current news and a photo library to research documents on virtually every important wind energy issue.
It is a great source for everything related to industrial wind:
  • Current articles on industrial wind posted daily
  • Original research
  • A feeling that we're not alone... 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaking about renewable energies dependence on Natural Gas.

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